Oxtail in a twist

Ingredients: Oxtail, bay leaf, dried oregano, dried parsley, dried cilantro, tomato paste, salt, pepper and linguine pasta. Cook linguine as directed and set aside. Boil oxtail in water, add dried ingredients and cook until the meat separates and the water is almost gone (or dump the oxtail, bay leaf, organo, parsley, cilantro, salt and pepper into a […]

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Bull-dog Melt

Today’s lunch is a home-made pork hamburger recipe that I whipped out. Nothing special about this recipe other than the Bull-dog Tonkatsu sauce. It can easily be bought at an Oriental Food store or at Amazon. Generally it is meant for tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet), but I use it on everything. The sauce is dark […]

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Good Stuff Melt

Did you know that there are more than 1727  beef hamburger recipes lurking around? Burgers are a staple in my diet. It is served at least once a week. Ideally it is one of the easiest meals that I can sassy up depending on how much condiments I have stashed in my pantry. Who knew […]

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