Chicken & Potato Curry

I cook with convenience in mind. Living in Japan for a couple of years made me love to eat curry. I recall long days after work where¬† my friends and I would eat dinner at CoCo Ichibanya in Yokosuka. It was the first time I found out the endless possibilities of curry. Anyways, now Japan […]

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Shrimp Tempura

I haven’t had much luck finding jumbo shrimp here in Evansville. For now, I scoured some small/medium ones from my local Asian market. I do my tempura’s differently due to the fact that they turn soggy after sitting at room temperature for a while. Instead of using batter, I use Panko Japanese bread crumbs. I […]

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Sweet & Sour Chicken

  Preferably this would go well with any type of meat. I usually just buy sweet & sour sauce in a bottle and deep fry my chicken or meatballs and pour in the sauce. But if you have extra time, you can use one of the many sweet & sour sauce found online. My favorite¬† […]

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Chicken Mushroom

Last night’s dinner was the original recipe but I forgot to take a photo of it. The original recipe required chicken breasts, which I ran out of, and baking it for 15-20 minutes… yeah..I was very hungry after I got off class an hour ago and so I decided to tweak the recipe. I used […]

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