Chicken & Potato Curry

I cook with convenience in mind. Living in Japan for a couple of years made me love to eat curry. I recall long days after work where  my friends and I would eat dinner at CoCo Ichibanya in Yokosuka. It was the first time I found out the endless possibilities of curry. Anyways, now Japan is thousands of miles away and I had to deal with the craving. Then comes in S&B’s Golden Curry sauce mix. It’s cubes of curry ready made. Just add water, vegetables, meat and viola, instant food. Most often, I never follow packaging instructions… so here’s my tweaked version of the recipe.

Ingredients: about 1-2 lbs Lean Meat/Chicken/Pork/Shrimp, 1 small onion, cayenne pepper,  cooking oil, 3 1/3 cups water, 4 cubes of S&B’s Golden Curry sauce mix, 3/4 cup milk/coconut milk, vegetables of your choice(e.g. carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, celery, eggplant, etc.)

Stir fry meat and onion  and vegetables in large skillet. Add water and curry cubes, mix until cubes are dissolved and let it boil until meat & vegetables are tender. Add milk & cayenne pepper and stir constantly. Serve over rice or noodles.


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