BBQ Ribs

Thanksgiving dinner. A rack of BBQ Ribs. So, the meat is already cooked and seasoned but I made it extra delicious. For some reason, cooked bbq meat isn’t as good as it should be. It doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked. Ingredients: Your favorite cooked+seasoned ribs and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Defrost the meat then […]

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Lemon & Pepper Salmon

I always go for the easy and delicious. This could not get any easier. Ingredients: Weber lemon pepper marinade mix, lemon juice, and salmon. I think the marinade could easily be duplicated = Sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, corn starch, red bell pepper, lemon peel and turmeric. Marinade for more than 3 hours. Wrap […]

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Chicken & Pasta

So trying to mix and match..Yesterday’s grilled chicken was delicious. So I thought, “Why not use the marinade as a pasta sauce?” It turned out…not so good, yet edible. Ingredients: Tuley Bros marinade, cubed chicken thighs, garlic, onion, water, corn starch, macaroni noodles, salt, and pepper. Onions+garlic+chicken=cook for a couple of minutes. Marinade sauce+water+salt+pepper (to […]

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Chicken grilled

Support local products as often as possible. Ingredients: Boneless chicken thighs (cut into strips) and Tuley Bros marinade. Marinade meat for a couple of hours or overnight. Grill and serve. I forgot to take a photo of the cooked version….was too hungry to remember!

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Grilled Steak

Not much to say, this was a delicious steak. Ingredients:  Pepper, Lawry’s seasoned salt, Garlic powder, and Onion powder. It’s best to cook in a cast iron grill pan.

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Deep-Fried Potato

How do you get a fried potato crispy?  I tried double frying, but it didn’t work. Initially after I took them off the oil, they were very crispy. But after a while, they got soggy and lumpy. The recipe is from The Contented Wife Blog.

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7 Eleven Onigiri

Onigiri was my comfort food when I lived in Yokosuka. After a long work day, I would walk my way to a 7 Eleven store and pick up a couple of onigiri’s and a salad plate. You can stuff it inside or mix furikake into the rice. They’re easy to make. Ingredients: Cooked rice, Stir-fried Pork […]

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