Bacon & Kimchee fried rice

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ = Very good!

Yesterday, we took a short trip to the Asian store after getting an oil change. We bought ready-made Kimchee. For lunch, I’m too lazy to cook anything that requires a lot of pots…so I’m using left-over rice from last night’s pan fried pot-sticker dinner. This recipe is a tweaked version of maangchi’s kimchee fried rice

Ingredients: Cooked Rice, Kimchee, Red-pepper paste(Gochujang), Bacon, Mirin, Roasted seaweed flakes (optional)
Deep fry Kimchee, Bacon, Mirin, and red-pepper paste with a little bit of oil (If you like the bacon crispy, fry it first until crispy then add the rest of the ingredients). Add the rice, mix well. If it looks too dry, then add a little bit of Kimchee sauce.
Red-bean paste
I’m not Korean nor speak the language, but Red-pepper paste is an ingredient you can find at most Asian stores or on the inter-webs. It can be used in a lot of recipes, from ramen noodles, curry, fried chicken, and all the way to pork marinades. This is the one we usually buy at the Asian store nearby. Keep in mind that there are many varieties of hotness when it comes to red-pepper paste. Most have numbers to indicate how hot & spicy it is.
My mom once taught me how to make Kimchee,  but I never really took it at heart to learn.. so yeah we’re buying the only available brand at the Asian store. I don’t dilly dally on the whole MSG stuff. I think if you eat it in moderation, you’ll be fine! If you like to eat out, chances are you are already consuming oooodles and oooodles of MSG and you just weren’t aware of it.  We don’t eat Kimchee that much, I use it to flavor ramen noodles, or sometimes eat it as a side dish to anything fried with a bowl of rice. Like the red-pepper paste, you can enhance many dishes with kimchee.


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