Lumpia – Spring Rolls

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ = Very good!

When I was younger my mom would make spring rolls stuffed with cheese (similar taste as gouda). She served them as snacks, usually after she was making spring rolls. I loved nibbling at the crunchy wrapper as the cheese oozed out… Anyways, last night I made Spring rolls that were stuffed with my all time favorite ingredients, meat(pork & shrimp) + rice noodles. I didn’t intend to make spring rolls, I just wanted to try this fish sauce dip made for Vietnamese spring rolls. We didn’t have any bean sprouts so I used rice noodles instead….

Ingredients: Rice noodle(soaked in warm water), diced shrimp, diced pork, julienne carrots, onions, minced garlic, hot-pepper paste, sesame oil, mirin, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, garlic-chili paste, soy sauce, brown sugar, spring roll wrapper, and ground pepper.

Dipping sauce: fish sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, minced garlic, garlic-chili paste, hot pepper paste, and water.

Place everything in a pot except for the rice noodles(they need to soak for at least 10 minutes). Cook until the pork, onions, and garlic are aromatic and done. Then add the rice noodles and a bit of water to cook the noodles. Cover with a lid and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Check on the noodles every couple of minutes and stir occasionally. If it’s too dry and the noodles are not yet done…add a little more water.

When the stuffing is done cooking, set it aside and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

Get a pan and add oil for deep frying. Wrap the stuffing into the spring roll wrapper as tightly as you can…I made mine very thick, but it seems like we like them to be a little bit more thinner. About the half size would be great for dipping. That way you don’t get to spill it’s contents everywhere when you try to stuff a mouthful, plus there will be less mess to clean up. Also you won’t need much oil for deep frying. Spring rolls

There are many varieties of Spring roll wrappers available out there. Wei-Chuan brand is my favorite, it is made in the US! Make sure you get the thinnest Spring roll wrapper you can find at the Asian store. The thinner it is, the crispier it will be, and it will cook all the way through. The other thick wrappers(ie..the ones you can buy at the vegetable isle section) tend to bubble up and not cook all the way through… They splash oil everywhere.

This is how thin this wrapper is. If you want to make your own…it’s not as easy as it looks, I’ve tried it once..and I gave up. Here’s a good tutorial video =  Taste of Asia. The wrapper is also called Popiah, pronounced as “Boo-Bee-a” which means thin wafer in Chinese. Depending on which part of China you are, it is also called “Lun-Bee-a”. I grew up calling it “Lum-pia”. Spring Roll wrapper


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