7 Eleven Onigiri

Onigiri was my comfort food when I lived in Yokosuka. After a long work day, I would walk my way to a 7 Eleven store and pick up a couple of onigiri’s and a salad plate.

You can stuff it inside or mix furikake into the rice. They’re easy to make.

Ingredients: Cooked rice, Stir-fried Pork stuffing (Anything that goes well with rice will do), Sesame oil, and Seaweed wrapped in plastic

It’s cheaper to buy the wrapper on E-bay. You can buy 100ea for 28 cents each, or get some at amazon for double that price. It took two weeks to get them shipped from Korea, but they were worth every penny.

First is to oil the triangle mold so the rice won’t stick when you take it out of the mold.


Sandwich the meat stuffing between the rice. It’s probably better if the meat is a bit more dry. I should have probably stuffed less meat as well, they were a bit on the bulgy side.


Place the rice on the top half of the seaweed.


Fold and tuck in the side closest to you.


Then, fold the bottom sides and tape it.


This seaweed wrapper is Korean. Those would be the instructions for eating.


Nom nom nom… it is very delicious. It is better when the seaweed is crispy.



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