Lemon & Pepper Salmon

I always go for the easy and delicious. This could not get any easier.

Ingredients: Weber lemon pepper marinade mix, lemon juice, and salmon.

I think the marinade could easily be duplicated = Sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, corn starch, red bell pepper, lemon peel and turmeric.

Marinade for more than 3 hours. Wrap salmon and excess marinade in a foil. Make sure the seams are crumpled so the steam cannot escape, which will prevent the salmon from drying.

Bake at 425°F in middle rack for 4-6 minutes per half-inch thickness.

When done baking, switch the oven to broil. Uncover the salmon and broil for a couple of minutes. Depending on how near you place it to the oven coils…Keep an eye out because it only takes a couple of minutes to burn it!


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