Cookies – Shiroi Koibito

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ = Very good!

When I was about teen-ish years old, my mother brought home a box of Shiroi-Koibito. It was a large metal box filled with individually wrapped cookies. She received them as a present from her boss, “Chef Takaya” who was from Japan. Every time Chef Takaya came home for his holiday vacation in Japan, he always brought my mother a box of these delicious cookies. So, when I got stationed in Japan, the second thing I remembered was the memorable cookies. To my dismay, my friend Joan told me that they are not available in the Yokosuka area where I was. Then out pure luck and coincidence, one of my first port visits was Otaru.

Back in 2006, I did not take as much photos as I should have. Yeah…watching people cross the street while chugging some milkshake or something.


I don’t remember much about the places we went to, but I remember taking a train to Sapporo and walking around the Radio Tower with friends.


My old camera was such a trooper, taking a night photo while walking was a hoot! Anyways…….

Shiroi koibito

The recipe was from Ochikeron 🙂 One of the Japanese Youtube bloggers that I follow.  Thanks to her, I can now make Shiroi Koibito with love, here in the Midwest.

Shiroi koibio 2

I don’t have chocolate laying around….Don’t dismay,

Shiroi koibito 3

I didn’t bother making a template because the flat piping tip was good enough to “guestimate”. All it took was three 1 inch strip. The Nutella turned out a bit sweet so I didn’t slab a lot.

Shiroi koibito 4

Burn’t or not, they’re my favorite cookies!

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!


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