Banh phong tom

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ = Very good!

Prawn crackers aka Banh phong tom are another staple in our pantry. They’re great for filling your cravings for crunchy chips.

This is my favorite brand because they end up looking like white disks. They are about the size of 50 cents Australian dollar, just a little bit bigger than a quarter. The Vietnamese kind comes in different colors. Some come in a carton box and others in plain clear plastic. I was surprised when I first found them at our Asian store. They were hidden all the way towards the end of the isle, tucked away on the bottom shelf.

Banh phong tom

Make sure the oil is 320°F – 356°F otherwise they won’t expand fully. At first the chip will sink down the bottom of the pan. Then it will start to curl and expand like the picture below.


It only takes a couple of seconds before it fully expands and cook. You’ll know they’re done when you see them turn into large disks. Use a paper towel to remove the excess oil.


My favorite dipping sauce is a mixture of vinegar, hot chili pepper, garlic&onion powder, salt & pepper. Don’t mind the re-used bottle of bulldog sauce, it’s one of my favorite containers for dips that can be stored in the fridge…

Cam on ban rat nhieu!


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