Hydroponics Basil

Yay! I’m restarting my hydroponic window sill garden. This year, I’ve gotten a bit lazy and have yet to start the garden! Anyways, I guess it’s better late than never! Every year I grow a small basil plant about 2 1/2 ft tall. Just a quick tip on how to save ooodles of basil leaves.

Since I love basil, I save tons of it in oil and a bit of vinegar and it lasts us the whole year! I use small 8oz plastic container.  I have about 4-6 of basil filled 8oz containers. I never have to buy basil leaves, which can get very expensive at the store!

This method is not limited to basil! I do it on almost all herbs including garlic…. This method helps save alot especially when cooking for two. Everything I buy will always have some kind of a left over. I start peeling everything and chopping it into small or big pieces, add a bit of oil to cover and vinegar to make sure no bacteria or fungus will not survive. Afterwards I keep it in the freezer. The oil makes the garlic very easy to scrape when you need to use a teaspoon or so.


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