Admitting that I know nothing was the beginning of everything…

My name is Jermee and I’m a work in progress when it comes to cooking.

I love taking photographs. I guess consider this my food photo blog.

I blog about simple recipe’s that I’ve stumbled upon online or some old cookbooks. I tweak most of them because most of the time, I don’t have 100% of the ingredients.

Some recipes are cooked impromptu and some planned. Either way, I’m not a chef! I  do love to eat finger licking food..

I also cook for two (Cooking for 2 is very hard considering that most recipe’s are made for 4+ servings).



I also have these other sites in case you’re interested to know more about me….

I don’t only cook, it turned out I can also draw. I seldom update these pages, but once in a while I do… – Drawing Blog, Youtube Drawing Videos, and Tapastic Comic

I also take photos of my travels and things I find interesting… Plexinews flickr(Photos of my musings) and Mswelsh shutterfly(Photos of my travels & experiences)


Have a nice day!


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