Microwaved Poached Egg

I know it sounds gross, but it sure does work 🙂 Small ramekin,  1/8 cup of water (depending on size of the ramekin), 1 egg. Cover with something, in case it explodes. Microwave on High 1min 10sec. You can add salt to season the egg before or after. Not messy at all. No need for […]

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Dinner for eggs

Scrambled eggs + chives = nom nom + kimchi = nomnom nomnom + seaweed = nomnomnom lol I’m so silly sometimes…It’s just “the” day, Cities:Skylines got released. Yep, today! Yay, It’s better than Sim City!!! 10x better if you ask me, especially if you like city building games. I’ve been Terra-forming the City of Evansville which […]

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Miso Ramen

It snowed 8-10 inches yesterday, totally irrelevant to the blog. I took a snapshot as it poured continuously. What is good to eat during the cold weather? Raaa-men! Ingredients: Ramen noodles, water, miso paste, hot pepper paste, shredded seaweed, eggs, pepper, sesame oil, worcestershire sauce, onion flakes, garlic powder, dashi stock granules, and onion powder. Cook the […]

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Kwek Kwek

Kwek kwek is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is usually made with “balut”-a duck egg with an itsy bitsy embryo. I don’t remember ever eating Kwek kwek, because my mother didn’t allow us to purchase and eat street foods sold by the street. She was always skeptical about where the water that was […]

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Scrambled Egg Sandwich

When you’re very hungry, the laziest way to cook would involve some eggs. These round thingies are your best friend in the kitchen. Yeah, get to know them very well. Make sure you always have some stored in the fridge. You can boil, deep fry, steam, bake, or eat them raw.. they’re the most versatile […]

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Bacon rice porridge (Congee)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ = Delicious! I want more… It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, and I’m definitely back from hiatus. Congee or rice porridge is a staple in most Asian diets. Every Asian country has their own version of ingredients. I grew up eating congee/rice porridge/lelut/lugaw made with tripe every summer morning […]

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