Fried Chicken

Leftover chicken and fried rice from last night’s dinner. It get’s a bit tricky when it comes to re-heating leftovers especially when I don’t own a microwave. I used a saute pan and had everything in low medium heat. The chicken was a bit room temperature, but sitting on top of the rice somehow heated […]

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Bull-dog Melt

Today’s lunch is a home-made pork hamburger recipe that I whipped out. Nothing special about this recipe other than the Bull-dog Tonkatsu sauce. It can easily be bought at an Oriental Food store or at Amazon. Generally it is meant for tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet), but I use it on everything. The sauce is dark […]

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Good Stuff Melt

Did you know that there are more than 1727  beef hamburger recipes lurking around? Burgers are a staple in my diet. It is served at least once a week. Ideally it is one of the easiest meals that I can sassy up depending on how much condiments I have stashed in my pantry. Who knew […]

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