Ham & Cheese Pastry

I tried making puff pasty once, and I definitely think I will probably never do it again. I made my first laminated pastry dough in October 10, 2013. Thanks to Joepastry.com. He had a great step by step tutorial and a wonderful explanation of the entire process. It is a lot harder than it looks from his photos and explanation. They came out good and a little less flaky. The cheese didn’t sit well with the pastry though. The cheese sagged and became plasticky. Overall, they were pretty much edible.


I froze the left over dough and made another batch with grape jelly filling a couple of days later. The dough I made was not as puffed up as it should have, mainly because I lost track of how many times I’ve folded the dough. 🙂 I also got very annoyed because the dough had to be chilled so often otherwise it turned into a sticky mess. It was still very delicious in the end.


So, that was the last time I’ve made puff pastry dough from scratch. It was interesting to know, but definitely not for a beginner. If you are the impatient type, it may not be a good idea to make it from scratch. Ready made pastry dough is definitely a great alternative.

Ingredients: Sliced Ham, Sliced Cheese, and Puff pastry dough

Puff pastry

Make sure you defrost the pastry sheets 1-2 days before you use them.


All there is to do is cut one sheet of the puff pastry into six pieces. Use a roller to flatten the dough and make a rectangle shape. Then you slice pieces of ham and cheese. I prefer to sandwich the cheese in between two pieces of ham. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 400°F

I like to dip them in mustard, ketchup, and ranch dressing. That’s just me… I would also prefer mustard out of the three 🙂

This pastry reminds me of individually portioned Banketstaaf…only having a different filling. This is especially apparent when they pufff up quite big. Banketstaaf is a dutch sweet pastry served during the holidays. It is made by rolling the dough around an almond filling.



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